Do your online donors donate once,

never to be heard from again?

The four steps to guiding
first time donors
to their second donation…
and beyond!


Four Steps to Continuous Online Donations Cover

Keep Donors Happy and Giving

Online donation checkup

Thank you and welcome to the family

Stories that open hearts and wallets

Keep donors giving roadmap

Get your online donation readiness checkup

Are your online tools (like your website and email newsletter) working in sync to guide donors to give, and give again? Find out how ready you are for encouraging online donations.

What’s my online donation readiness?

Donor appreciation and love

Let’s welcome donors to the family and make them excited to hear from you! Do you have a Thank you and Welcome series? How do you share with donors how vital they are to your shared mission?

I want to nurture my donors

Stories that open hearts and wallets

The five stories every organization should tell, and how to use them to get donors more personally invested in your mission and your organization.

I want to tell my stories better

From the first donation to the next… and the next

Four steps to an online donor retention system tailored to your needs. Stop winging it, with a structure you can use repeatedly and consistently for guiding online donors to their second donation and beyond.

I’m interested, tell me more

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Are you following the accepted wisdom for retaining online donors, with disappointing results?

Do you put most of your development budget toward getting new donors
— rather than getting present donors to give again —

because even though donor acquisition is more costly, at least you know how to do it?

The four steps to guiding first time donors
to their second donation… and beyond!